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Time Efficient training

Hit your training with high intensity, time efficient, and highly effective workouts designed to help with your goals.

No bullshit

Staying away from short ineffective fads,. I focus on result based training. I will work with you around your strengths and weaknesses.

Better Decision Making

I teach you to make better lifestyle decisions. Many of the small decisions you make every day can make a big difference in the long term.


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Online Fitness Coaching

Using all my ever growing knowledge base, I design a program that is tailored to your strengths, weaknesses, time limits, lifestyle, and goals. If you want to improve your strength, increase mass, cut fat, improve your endurance, or prepare for an event, I apply all I have to get you there. My training is hard. I will push you to test whatever limits you have. If you are willing to push your limits with my guidance, you will go far.*

Online Nutrition Coaching

Focusing on improving habits first, I want you to learn to eat in a way that is beneficial to your goals. Using a 4 point grade system, I direct you to making better nutrition decisions. If that decision involves picking one food over another, learning moderation, applying counting calories or macros, cutting out foods and drinks that add a fair amount of excess calories, we will find the right approach for you to succeed.*

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Life is easier when you are fit, but becoming fit is difficult. My mission is to challenge you within your abilities to push yourself to break your limits. I get that you may be busy with work or with your family and you need something that works within your schedule. I understand that you may have a hard labor job or you are an athlete who can not afford to spend hours in the gym. I understand that you may just need guidance on what you need to do to reach your goals. My mission is to help as many people reach their fitness goals. Be ruthless with your training. Be Viciously Strong.

About Me

My name is Quentin Washington. I am an exercise physiologist and online fitness coach. I have both a master's and bachelor's in kinesiology, had over 10 years of weight lifting experience, including years of powerlifting, and my whole life has revolved around science and exercise. I am a son of two USAF veterans so I understand the difficulty of military family life. While I am relatively new to the training industry, I have been coaching individuals since high school and love every minute of it.

Why GHF?

Great Hammer Fitness is a small online training service I provide I started during the last year of my graduate degree. It is ran mostly by me with help from my wonderful girlfriend. The name and logos came from my love from my love of Thor, the Norse god, and my love hammerhead sharks. Much like this service, hammerhead sharks are a newer species of shark that has shown itself to be the way forward for the species as I want GHF to be the way forward for fitness, strength, and overall health for many people. The goal of GHF is to honor my late father, an USAF veteran, who in his life helped many people in their careers and better their lives. GHF hopes to honor him but doing the same in fitness.